Norbert Dragonneau suitcase

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Wizarding world Fantastic Beasts Cinereplicas Fantastic Beasts Cinereplicas

  • Limited edition
  • Official Harry Potter product licensed by Warner Bros.
  • Brand Cinereplicas
  • Cut :450 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm
  • Materials: Wood 80% + 20% PU leather imitation
  • Norbert Dragonneau monogrammed fabric
  • Comes with
    • A Norbert Dragonneau scarf with NS leather monogram (Newt Scamander)
    • A fantastic animals world map to go in search of the thunderbird and the Niffler!
  • includes
    • A Muggle compartment to protect your wizard identity
    • A secret compartment reserved for wizards and fantastic animals only!
  • Magic is invited into your Norbert Dragonneau suitcase thanks to this secret compartment; grab your magic wand and go in search of fantastic animals!

More information

Design conçu en France

Sous Licence Officielle Warner Bros Animaux Fantastiques

Marque Cinereplicas

Edition Deluxe

Produit exclusif


Enter the world of Norbert Dragonneau and these magical creatures (because who can resist Pickett the Botruc and the Niffler?)

This Norbert Dragonneau suitcase is an exact replica as you saw it in the movie Fantastic Beasts. The secret of our suitcase? Just slide the plate and go from the muggle version compartment to the secret compartment.

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