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 According to our license agreement, the variety of cinereplicas products can be sold all over the world.

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Our office:


23 reniye Road
Galen new town


Suite c15-568093
Portland, Oregon, USA


Fame bros.a
Beijing Taike industrial building
No.26, huangchuhan Road
Aberdeen,Hong Kong S.A.R.

Why to cooperate with cinereplicas

Official products and high quality products

If you're looking for real Harry Potter quality products, you're in

We always guarantee to use high quality materials, such as wood, metal, resin, plastic, PVC or ABS.

All of our products are suitable for fans or collectors, especially our magic broom replicas. This rare room is handmade by French craftsmen and made of oak, copper and willow. Only 10000.

Unique high product range

Every year, cinereplicas strives to expand its catalog by expanding its product range and entering into new licensing agreements.

Cinereplicas's brand is Harry Potter Since 2004, we have produced faithful copies of Harry Potter scarves, such as Harry Potter scarves, snake scarves, Potter scarves and snake scarves. We have quality Harry Potter ties and a Harry Potter scarf in all the houses in Hogwarts.

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