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Official Harry Potter gifts and clothing

You will only find officially licensed Warner Bros products on Cinereplicas.fr. All our products have been designed on the basis of the official drawings and models of the film. Our products are then submitted and approved one by one by Warner Bros and J. K. Rowling.

If you are looking for authentic Harry Potter quality products, you have come to the right place at Cinereplicas.fr.

Why buy from Cinereplicas?

Official and quality Harry Potter products from Warner Bros
Our products are distinguished by their quality and strict compliance with the license from which they come. With Cinereplicas, you will find a wide range of collectible Harry Potter gifts and costumes: Harry Potter scarf, Hogwarts uniforms and dresses, Chocolate Frog mold…

Quick expedition

If you place an order before noon (France GTM), we will prepare and dispatch it the same day.

Transport without worries

We ensure that all of our shipments are delivered correctly.
If the package gets lost on the way, we take care of the formalities and send you a replacement package.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with your product, we will refund or exchange it within 14 days of purchase.

About Cinereplicas

Founded in 2004 Cinereplicas ™ is specialized in the derivative of collection from the world of cinema. Companies like Walt Disney Company or Warner Bros. trust us to represent the image of their production.
Cinereplicas has therefore taken up major challenges in the Harry Potter ™ films by developing unique ranges of high quality products accessible to the public.

Since 2004, we have offered faithful replicas of Harry Potter ™ scarves such as the Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf, the Ravenclaw scarf, the Hufflepuff scarf and the Slytherin scarf. We also have high quality Harry Potter ties on all Hogwarts homes and match our Harry Potter scarves.

Cinereplicas also offers a wide choice of Harry Potter wands such as Harry's wand or Professor Dumbledore's Elder Magic wand, Hermione Granger's wand or Voldemort's wand.

All our products are perfect for fans or collectors, and in particular our replica of the magic broom "Flash of Fire". This rare piece took 2 years to be created and made by hand by French craftsmen, with materials such as beech wood, copper and wicker. There were only 10,000 copies.


Our products all contain:

  • Our CINEREPLICAS brand
  • The Warner Bros
  • The hologram of authenticity of our products.

If in doubt, we invite you to read our page dedicated to our anti-counterfeiting policy

You can also contact us oninfringements@cinereplicas.com 

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