Anti Counterfeiting Policy

Cinereplicas has been an official supplier of Harry Potter products under Warner Bros. license since 2004.

Our products are distinguished by their quality and strict compliance with the license from which they come. Companies like Walt Disney Company or Warner Bros. have trusted us for over 10 years to represent the image of their production as well as the trust that our customers place in us for the authenticity and quality of our products.

This is why we want to pursue a real policy of combating counterfeiting.

The CINEREPLICAS Authenticity Guarantee

The products you will find on this site are all products authentic under official license from Warner Bros.

 We know that when you order from Cinereplicas, you are looking for the quality and authenticity of Harry Potter products and the distinction of customer service.

We value the trust you place in us. This is why, in addition to striving to offer you the excellence you deserve, we also ensure that you are not disappointed with a falsified product of a much lower value that would not satisfy your desires. and your expectations.

We make every effort to facilitate the identification of our Cinereplicas products. Also, our products have specific characteristics that will help you recognize the products of our brand.

Product traceability

Make sure the products you received contain

  • Our CINEREPLICAS brand
  • The Warner Bros
  • The hologram of authenticity  of our products.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by emailing us.

Fight against counterfeits

At CINEREPLICAS we take the issue of copies and falsifications very seriously.

We fight this problem every day by trying to block and stop these illicit activities as soon as we know it through merchant sites or Marketplaces like Amazon.

 We work for this in close collaboration with the legal services of Warner Bros. in order to block and remove all fraudulent sites which would try to sell fake Harry Potter products without a license.

Your help is useful, let's act together

If you think a website or social media profile is selling fake Harry Potter products, falsifications, or copies of our products, and you want to let us know so we can act immediately, please let us know. share by email

Recognize a site selling Harry Potter counterfeits

To recognize a site that sells fake products without an official license, here are some clues:

- Abusive conditions of sale.

In general, falsifiers impose unfair or illegal general conditions of sale which do not offer any guarantee on their products.
 On counterfeit websites, there are no GTC or, if there are, the GTC do not contain full contact details of the offices, impose very long delivery or return conditions (sometimes there no return condition).

 If you think you are facing abusive sales conditions, be aware of your rights as a consumer.

- Products without official information with photos taken incorrectly.

- Take into account the value of our products.

Remember that there is usually a big difference between the price offered by falsifiers and that of our authorized outlets. Of course, this also implies that it is very likely that the product you receive will be of poor quality and without quality control for your health.

CINEREPLICAS does not guarantee, insure or assume any responsibility for falsified products whatsoever or products not made by our manufacturers. If you discover that you have bought a falsification and that you are not satisfied, you will have to contact the seller of the product directly (and report it to us so that we can act against it to close the site).

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