General Terms of Sale

Article 1: Application Fields and Changes to General Terms of Sale
These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on the website, and
Cinereplicas reserves the option to adapt or modify these terms and conditions of sale at any time. In the event of a change, the general terms of sale in effect on the day of the order will be applied to each order.

Article 2: Product availability
Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks. Upon receipt of your order, we check the availability of the product (or) ordered. In case of unavailability, we undertake within 30 days of the validation of the order either to deliver the order to you, or to offer you a similar product at a similar price, or to refund it to you. In order to process your request correctly, please remind us of your order number, as well as your full contact information.

The date of validation of the order corresponds to the date of the order in case of payment by online bank card

Pre-order, gives you the opportunity to buy and therefore book your product in advance. The product is considered pre-ordered once Cinereplicas has received the banking order (CB). As of August 1, 2007, as a result of an evolution of the banking security services, pre-orders taken by CB are billed on the day of their creation. Warning: The publisher can change the official delivery date at any time. Note that all products ordered with your item for pre-order, will also be delivered on this date. In the event of a change in the official delivery date, the customer may cancel his order completely or partially upon request from our customer service. Please note that in the case of a pre-order of limited edition items, Cinereplicas cannot guarantee 100% the delivery of the product. In the case of many requests, a waiting list is then drawn up according to the chronological order of the bookings made. Beware, in the case of a limited edition pre-order Cinereplicas cannot guarantee 100% the price of the product if the distributor changes it according to the logic of supply and demand. Packing/sampling: As part of promotional operations on behalf of our partners, you may receive free promotional samples and promotional messages in your packages. Only one sample per person per order is distributed. However, in some cases, these free samples may not be distributed although advertised on your preparation voucher. Indeed, the treatment is manual and can sometimes lead to some errors. No complaints will be taken into account by our Customer Service regarding this matter.

Article 3: Order validation and electronic signature
Any purchase order signed by the consumer by "double click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance that can only be called into question within the limits set out in these terms and conditions of sale. The "double click" associated with the authentication and non-repudiation procedure and the protection of the integrity of messages is an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parties in the same way as a handwritten signature.

Article 4: Price
General Notes reserves the right to change its prices at any time but undertakes to apply the applicable rates that were indicated to you at the time of your order. Beware, in the case of a limited edition pre-order Cinereplicas cannot guarantee 100% the price of the product if the distributor changes it according to the logic of supply and demand. Cinereplicas therefore reserves to change the price of the pre-ordered product. The customer is warned and can retract at no cost.

Article 5: Payment and Security Terms
You can make the payment:

Payment is made on the secure bank servers of our partners STRIPE. This means that no banking information about you passes through the website. Payment by credit card is therefore perfectly secure; your order will be registered and validated as soon as the payment is accepted by the bank you have chosen.

Your credit card details are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and never clearly pass through the network. The payment is made directly from the bank. does not have access to these details, and does not keep them on its servers. That's why you're asked for them every time you make a new transaction on our site.

Property reserve clause:
The products remain the property of until the order is fully received by However, as soon as the customer receives the order, the risks of the goods delivered are transferred to the customer.

Default reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honour an order from a consumer who has not fully or partially settled a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is pending.

Anti-Fraud Checks checks all orders that have been validated on its site. These controls are designed to protect of abusive practices by fraudsters. As part of these procedures, our services may ask you for all the parts necessary to unlock your order: proof of residence and debit in your name, etc. These requests are made by email and request by phone. reserves the right not to ship the goods if the requested vouchers are not received by Cinereplicas. The proofs must be sent either by e-mail ( or by mail.
Card refused
In the context of a credit card payment there are two cases of figures:
1. Payment is accepted, order takes place
2. Payment is refused:
o either the payment is blocked by the inter-bank network, the customer is then notified by email and the order is automatically put on hold. The customer must then contact Cinereplicas to change payment methods.
o Products remain the property of until the order is fully received by However, as soon as the customer receives the order, the risks of the goods delivered are transferred to the customer.


Article 6: Payment Security
Securing transactions (SSL encryption)
Payment by credit card is provided by STRIPE, known for its reliability in Internet transactions. The transaction between you and STRIPE is encrypted (SSL). The banking information you give, encrypted on your own computer, will never circulate in plain sight on the Internet.
For more information please visit the website.

Article 7: Delivery terms and delivery times

The products are delivered to the delivery address you indicated to us during the ordering process.

The cost of participating in the preparation and shipping of the order is available in our LIVRAISON section.

Shipping times
All the announced deadlines are calculated in FRENCH working days. The time frames indicated are average time frames and correspond to the processing, preparation and shipping times of your order (warehouse output). To this time, the carrier's delivery time must be added. For an order made up of multiple products or containing a pre-order item, the shipping time of that order is then based on the longest shipping time. however, reserves the possibility of splitting the order into several deliveries, at no additional cost to the customer. Any items available in stock are shipped within 1 to 5 days. In all other cases, availability is specified on the product listing and can vary between 5 and 120 days depending on the type of products ordered. 

Delivery times
Cinereplicas cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the carrier's deadlines. The ordered product is delivered by the postal system or by an independent carrier, depending on the nature of the product ordered and at the exclusive initiative of, at the address on the order. The announced deadlines are indicated from our warehouses in a confirmation email with your tracking number.

Cinereplicas offers two types of delivery:
You can't help it. Standard (unsecured deadlines)
You can't help it. Express (guaranteed time limits in the European Union only).

Additional delays.
Additional delays are expected:
- if the availability is made from a different deposit than France (time/availability indicated on the product card and/or by email to the customer)
- Customs control (for orders to countries outside the European Union)
- peak period (e.g. Christmas period) and carrier overload

From parcels to delivery
You must verify the compliance of the goods delivered at the time of delivery and before signing the carrier's delivery order. You must indicate on the delivery voucher and in the form of handwritten reserves accompanied by your signature any anomalies regarding the delivery (damaged product). This verification is considered to be carried out once the buyer, or a person authorized by it, has signed the delivery order.

If the products require to be returned to us, they must be requested to return to our Customer Service within 14 days of delivery. Any claim made outside this deadline cannot be accepted. The return of the product can only be accepted for the products in their original state (packaging, accessories, notice). If at the time of delivery, the original packaging is damaged, torn, opened, then you should check the condition of the items. If they have been damaged, you must refuse the package and note a reservation on the delivery slip (colis refused because open or damaged).

Does not live at the address listed
If a parcel is returned with the reason of the "NPAI" Post Office, Cinereplicas is entitled to charge an additional postage if:
The address was misentered by the customer in the purchase order
The address entered by the customer in the order is incorrect or incomplete
Cinereplicas, on the other hand, will open an investigation for "abusive return" and will return the package without requesting additional charges if the carrier is declared at fault.

Undisclosed parcels
If a parcel is returned to us with the reason "Unclaimed", Cinereplicas is entitled to charge an additional shipping fee for the return of the parcel. WARNING: If no RECLAME parcels are returned to Cinereplicas for more than 15 days (a total of 30 days between the 15 days of postal return delays and 15 days of return storage at Cinereplicas), the order can no longer be cancelled or refunded.

Lost parcels
In the event of a delivery challenge, Cinereplicas reserves the right to request identification including the signature of the customer and/or resident at the delivery address and/or the person who may have received the package. In the event of a refusal, Cinereplicas will not be able to make any refund or exchange product.

Claim (delays)
Each order is sent a send confirmation email as well as a post of the sends searchable in the customer account. No claims for unreceived, lost or damaged parcels may be received beyond 30 days after the date of the order.
A claim can be made by email to

Good faith clause
Cinereplicas is committed to informing the customer of the delivery of its order:
- via an automatic email (to the email address indicated at the time of the order) with the coli tracking number
- through the opening and management of files of possible disputes with carriers
It is in the good faith of the customer to use his services to know the progress of the delivery of his order. A customer claim that has not been made in connection with the use of its services within 20 days of shipping the order will not be subject to reimbursement or even opening of file at Cinereplicas.

Delivery outside the zone and customs duty.

All of our tariffs are excluding customs fees. Outside the European Union customs fees can be claimed by the destination country of the order. These fees are always borne by the recipient and cannot be calculated in advance by Cinereplicas. These fees are levied by the customs of the destination country and not by Cinereplicas. Please approach the customs service in your national territory for any questions about this.

All delivery and return information can be found here.

Article 8: Responsibilities cannot be held responsible for the breach of the contract concluded on occasion, of force majeure, or in the event of a total or partial strike by postal services, carriers, and disasters caused by floods or fires. With respect to products purchased to meet professional needs, will not incur any liability for any indirect damage as a result of the present, loss of operations, loss of profit, damage or costs, which may occur.

The choice and purchase of a product or service is the sole responsibility of the customer. The total or partial inability to use the products, in particular because of the incompatibility of the equipment, cannot give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or questioning of the liability of, except in the case of a proven hidden defect, non-compliance, defect or exercise of the right of retraction contemplated under Article 8. In case of hidden defect, you have the choice between cancelling the order or keeping the product against a price reduction.

In non-delivery an order or part of the order,

- If the package is marked as delivered by the carrier you have a period of 14 days from the delivery date announced by the carrier to submit a claim.
- If the package is not marked delivered by the carrier or has a delivery problem and is not returned to the sender, vyou have 30 days from the date of shipment to submit a claim.

Beyond the deadlines announced above, we will not accept any claims.

Article 9: Right of withdrawal
Right of withdrawal
You have 7 days to return any item and request the exchange or refund without penalty, except for the return fee. Before returning your product to us, you must have your return agreement number (see paragraph 9, return procedure). The product must be returned in perfect condition, in its original undamaged packaging. It must be accompanied by all its accessories (notices, cords, remote controls, warranties, etc.). Failing that, you will lose your right to withdraw and the product will be returned to you at your own expense.

Exclusions - Copyable products (CD, DVD, DVD at DVD-D, software, PC/Consoles games): The right of return cannot be exercised for items that can be copied unless they are returned to us on time and not de-sealed or unsealed. Recordable products (consoles, video cards, MP3 players, mobile phones, hard drives, USB sticks): These products have a control and protection pad that seals the product's original packaging. In the case of a retraction, the return of the product will not be accepted, if this lozenge is torn.

In the case of a pre-order, the customer has a cancellation right in the same way as an order. The same rules are therefore applicable.
Produced to order
In the case of a custom product. The order is only validated upon full receipt of the payment. Just like orders, delivery times are given as an indication. Cinereplicas nevertheless engages in good faith and commits to communicate delivery times to its customers as often as possible. In the event of cancellation of a confirmed order product (payment received) of the application fee (in compensation for the costs incurred due to the research and payment from the supplier) the sum of 6.5% of the total amount of the order will be collected.

Article 10: Right of return
Return procedure
In the event of a product malfunction, a prior request from our Customer Service must be made via our contact form.
No parcels will be accepted if it is not in its original packaging.
The product must be returned to our logistics provider in France:
Brandecision Warehouses
23 Avenue of the Way of the Reniers
92390 Villeneuve La Garenne

You have a time limit of:
7 days in the case of a retraction from the receipt of your parcel to notify your Customer Service of your wish to return the product to us in its original packaging and in good condition (plastic packaging for DVDs).
7 days to report a defect or non-compliance with your product. Upon receipt of the agreement, you have 15 days to return the product to us. After this time, your return will be refused.

Return costs

Return costs are at the customer's expense (excluding non-compliant or damaged items)

Package processing: NPAI / unclaimed/refused
If your package is returned by our provider for the following reason:
NPAI (does not live at the Indicated Address)
Unclaimed parcels during its period of proceedings
Package snied by the recipient when it is delivered

After receiving and accepting the return, we will make a refund by cheque. In order to process your request correctly, please remind us of the order number and your full contact information.

Repayment of returns
For all payments by CB the refund of returns is made via refund on CB of origin.

Delays and repayment terms
Once the return has been made and quality control is accepted. The return is refunded within 7 working days.

Article 11: Guarantees, insurance and VaS
An insurance on delivery (break, plunder ...) is systematically subscribed to the services of La Poste. Cinereplicas invites you to refer to manufacturer guarantees. Cinereplicas does not offer any product guarantees. For any complaints please contact us via our form.

Article 12: Company contact information

Headquarters: is run by Fame Bros. Limited, headquartered in Kin Teck Industrial Building Unit 13B, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong R.A.S.
Fame Bros. Limited is registered in the Hong Kong Trade Register S.A.R. under the number 1985621.
"Cinereplicas" is a registered trademark.

Logistics: has a logistics platform in France from where orders are shipped:
Brandecision Warehouses
23 Avenue of the Way of the Reniers
92390 Villeneuve La Garenne

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