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By joining the Cinereplicas France affiliate program, you become a partner of the leader in official Harry Potter derivatives on the internet. Generating income from your site thus becomes possible by integrating links or banners on the pages of your site. You thus receive a remuneration proportional to the sales from which you are at the origin.

You just need to subscribe to our Webgains affiliate network and set up links or banners on your site pointing to a page on the site. All info on: Webgains

Why become a affiliate?

- We offer a unique selection of exclusive Harry Potter productsmuch sought after by fans but also by parents and grandparents looking for an original Harry Potter gift
- The site highlights new products and exclusive products (which you will not find on Amazon or in stores) throughout the year.
- You win a 12% commission  on all sales made through your site.

How to become an affiliate?

- To become an affiliate, simply register on the affiliate platform Webgains  which broadcasts our program exclusively.

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- Then retrieve the product flow, the banners, newsletters and promo codes that we make available to you.
- Place them on your site and start earning your commissions! It's as simple as that !

Payments are weekly or monthly (the choice is yours). Whatever your country of residence, you will be paid via Paypal or by bank transfer.
Do not wait any longer and register  from now on, the profitability of your site will only be improved!

Registration for the affiliate program is free and without time commitment.

When you are registered on the Webgains platform you benefit from a complete and personalized reporting of your reporting.
All the details on Webgains

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending us a email to our support.

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