Adults - Serpentard Wizard Dress

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Size XL on pre-order. Delivery scheduled for early December.

  • Official Harry Potter Product Under Warner Bros. License
  • Brand Cinereplicas
  • Unisex
  • Available in: Children XS, S,M,L
  • 100% satin polyester
  • The Outfit includes:

           -  A pocket for the magic wand
           -  A crest
           - Button ajustable


More information

Design conçu en France

Sous Licence Officielle Warner Bros Harry Potter

Marque Cinereplicas


Check out the vGryffindor sorcerer's dress that can be seen in the Harry Potter films. Every detail has been studied to make it a high-quality sorcerer's cloak: the material, the cut, the size of the sleeves, etc.

The pattern of this dress was made by professional costume designers from the official Warner Bros. archives. Harry Potter movies.

In order for each sorcerer to find a dress to his own liking, several sizes are available 

S - recommended for teenagers or adults 1.65m in size

M and L - depending on your body size (we invite you to look at our size guide)

If you want to do it child size (XS in our photo), it is also presented in our tab children's collection)


Students from Slytherin are known for their Intelligence. The clever and rednecks who always come to an end are sent to Serpentard.

"You'll end up in Serpentard if you're pretty smart, because they're real rednecks who always get their way."

Ready to board with the Hogwarts Express? Grab your suitcase, your owl and all your wizard accessories, you will make sensations on the platform 9 3/4!

For a complete outfit, we recommend the following other products

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- Scarf Slytherin
- Serpentard gloves
- Serpentard tie
- Socks

We also offer a pack with the full Serpentard outfit.

This dress is the perfect gift for a costume from: Tom Jedusor, Severus Rogue, Drago Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Albus Potter, Regulus Black, Dolores Shadow, Horace Slughorn, Vincent Crabbe...

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