Do you like the Niffleur? So are we!

The Niffleur is probably one of the funniest characters in the movie Fantastic Animals. Many fans on the Internet had fun representing the Niffleur with Norbert and Botruc, vyou can admire some of these drawings on our Pinterest page!



Harry Potter Niffleur

Our Niffleur bag!

So here's why we agree with Pottermore who proposes to make a franchise dedicated to the Niffleur!


1- It's funny: the Niffleur can't help but always go on an adventure and usually gets into trouble! Norbert manages to protect him and get him out of the dangerous situations he finds himself in but with Niffleur you never know what to expect!


2- He is tender: his soft coat and his frizz make him look debonair and his personality is in keeping with his physical appearance, both pilfering and adventurous. When he feels observed, he tends not to move, even if he takes a ridiculous position, or seeks to hide, making the situation even more comical!



Harry Potter Niffleur

From MovieWeb

3- he is openly greedy: wherever he passes the Niffleur seeks to steal your money or your jewelry, so watch out for yourself! He loves to accumulate precious and shiny objects, and it can even be said that he has tastes of luxury in view of the jewelry in which he enters, much to the chagrin of Norbert and Jacob who pursue him through the city!


4- He is at the origin of the meeting between Norbert and Tina: the Niffleur could not help hardly arrived in New York to begin to strip the Americans and while Norbert tries to catch him he is spotted and then arrested by Tina!



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