Back to school with Harry Potter

The summer season is not yet over but already you have to think about back to school ... No long sighs and rather add magic to your new semester!

  • Prepare your things: to avoid running the first day of class, prepare the day before and you will go to class quietly without hurrying. Think of Hermione and her magic bag!

Hermione bag

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  • Choose your clothes: nothing is too much to realize that your lucky T-shirt is dirty and has not yet gone into the machine!

Harry potter uniform

From The Daily Mail
  • Personalize your belongings: the first day you are always a bit upside down so if you put a personal touch on your belongings, no chance that you will forget them!

Harry potter back to school

  • Eat well: without breakfast, fatigue comes faster so eat well before going to class

Harry potter food

From 30 seconds
  • Watch your favorite Harry Potter movie for positive energy but be careful not to go to bed too late either!

More advice in the Seventeen article!

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