Long live baby Niffleur!

Youpi a baby Niffleur will be featured in the next Fantastic Animals, Grindelwald's Crimes! It only means more cute and delirious sequences with Norbert desperately trying to recover the small family of mischievous and brazenly greedy pilferers of shiny objects.  Norbert had already had a lot of trouble in New York because of this little thief who had decided to simply make the pockets of all the passers-by of the American megalopolis. It is while pursuing the Niffleur that Norbert meets Tina while his protégé has broken into a bank with a big bang to satisfy his desire for possession by stealing everything in his path.  The baby in the photo has black, brown and white fur, like a kitten!

Baby Niffleur

From The Leaky cauldron

This news is all the more important as the next film deals with rather tragic subjects such as the romantic break-up between Norbert and Leta, which seems to have deeply saddened him. A cute and cheeky little animal can only come and bring a touch of joy!

Niffler bag


One also wonders how Niffleur's parents will manage their turbulent offspring! More images of the Niffleur on our dedicated Pinterest board! 


Cool Bleeding cover image 

Lavender Cheung

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