How is Norbert Dragonneau's suitcase made?

Created from official archives

Created in our French workshop from the official Warner Bros archives, the Norbert Dragonneau suitcase produced by Cinereplicas is an exact replica of the one you have seen in the Fantastic Beast movies. From the design to the choice of materials, every detail has been thought of and the result of this careful selection is this exceptional collector's item. This limited edition is a must-have for all Norbert Dragonneau fans who want to join him in thwarting the evil plans of the dark mage Grindelwald.

Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert Dragonneau

Each suitcase is carefully created to make an exact replica of that of the Fantastic Beasts films. Join us to discover this enchanted suitcase!

Premium quality

Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert Dragonneau

The exterior of the case is made of premium PU leather. The material has been carefully chosen by our team to ensure that it perfectly resembles the suitcase of Norbert Dragonneau.





Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert Dragonneau


The interior is decorated with an elegant monogrammed fabric withthe initials of Norbert Dragonneau (Newt Scamander in English). You will also find the certificate of authenticity when opening your suitcase.







Anti-Muggle latch

Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert DragonneauOne of the most remarkable details of this suitcase is its latch allowing the opening of a secret compartment. Exactly recreated from the Fantastic Beasts movie, the replica features this lock like that of the original suitcase.

The secret compartment

Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert Dragonneau

This suitcase hides a secret compartment to hide your secrets out of the sight of Muggles. How to open it? Simply slide the plate with the name Newt Scamander to the right.

What about magic?

Fantastic animals suitcase Norbert Dragonneau


When you open the suitcase, you will first see the compartment accessible to Muggles and seemingly without any magic. Close the suitcase, slide the plate and open the secret compartment where the fantastic animals are hiding. In this way all your potions and all your secrets will be well kept from Muggles. You can use this suitcase to complete your Norbert Dragonneau costume and cosplay or simply integrate it into your collection of magic objects.

Lavender Cheung

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