A new "Wizarding World" app has just been announced!

A few days ago, the Pottermore website revealed the launch of a new all-in-one app called "Wizardind World". This app promises to be the official app of the Harry Potter universe and Fantastic Animals. 

Wizarding World Application

Previously, Wizarding World had launched WizardingWorld.com, a new platform bringing together all the digital experiences around the world of J.K Rowling. After launching the "Wizarding Passport" (a feature that profiles users by summarizing their home, baguette and all their favorites), the next step seemed to be creating an interactive app. 

Created by the Wizarding World Digital team, our Muggle smartphones will soon be able to transform into the ultimate "Potter encyclopedia" we've all been waiting for. The app will include new features, quizzes and surveys, as well as new news freshly sent to fans through push notifications. 

The most exciting announcement is probably the launch of "Wizarding Weekly", a fanzine sent every Wednesday to subscribers of the app. 

The Wizarding World app will initially be released in beta testing in New Zealand via the App store and Google Play. Let's hope New Zealand fans share their thoughts with the rest of the world. 

We don't know any more at this point, we can only hope that the Wizarding World Digital teams keep their word"We are currently working to make the new application as magical as possible." 

Source: Pottermore

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

J’adore cette appli parce que Harry Potter est mon film préféré !!!😍🤩

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