An exclusive image of the next Fantastic Animals

The magazine Empire has just released an exclusive photo of our favorite magizoologist, let's see what it can teach us about the film that must be released in November!

-the suitcase is always an accessory of Norbert's life! This real cave of Ali Baba with fantastic creatures is also the repary of our friend the Niffleur That we hope to find in the next film!

-Tina Goldstein is still the Elect of her heart: Norbert has pinned a picture of the American society in the bottom of her suitcase (what a romantic!)

-TIna became Auror: after having recognized Graves the black mage Grindelwald, she was allowed to return to her old post.

Read the article from Empire to learn more 

Prepare the release of the film with our Fantastic Animals accessories!

Empire Cover Image 


Lavender Cheung

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