Harry Potter escape game to open in Edinburgh

Harry Potter Edinburgh Escape Game

The Department of Mysteries will challenge Muggles in Edinburgh on Friday April 13.

It is a true immersive experience in which apprentice sorcerers, engaged in a merciless struggle against the forces of evil, will be able to cast spells, recite incantations and prepare potions.

Harry Potter Edinburgh Escape Game

Players in capes have 50 minutes to successfully exit a room in which they are locked. To do this, they must find the prophecies stolen by Voldemort by solving a series of magic puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and riddles that would even give Hermione Granger a hard time.

Allow £ 14 (16 euros) per person for groups of 5 and £ 20 (23 euros) per person for groups of two. Visit the Department of Mysteries website for more information.

You will also find your outfits here  if you want to disguise yourself as a sorcerer.

Lavender Cheung

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