New Triste: Death of Robert Hardy, Minister of Magic in Harry Potter

The British comedian Robert Hardy died. He left Harry Potter's fans in mourning and a prolific career marked by roles in film and theatre.

A little magic went out with him. Robert Hardy, a British comedian who was respected by his peers, died on Thursday, August 03, at the age of 91. With hundreds of roles of his estate, he was best known for having incarnated Corne­lius Fudge, the minister of magic in the Harry Potter film and film saga.

The British actor was known to the public for his role as Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic in the Harry Potter series.

"It is with great sadness that the family of Robert Hardy ... today announces his death after an extraordinary life: a giant career of more than 70 years in theatre, television and film," the Press Association news agency quoted his family as saying. Without announcing the cause of her death, she adds: "Bourru, elegant, brilliant and always worthy, he is famous for all those who knew him, who loved him and loved his work".

The Harry Potter fans were able to disband it in Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber in 2002, and in several episodes of the successful license that has just celebrated 20 years. His last major event was unveiled in 2015 in the film "Chur­chill": 100 days to save Britain. He incarnated Wins­ton Chur­chill with an immense talent and a striking mime­ry.

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