Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

It's fair to say that when you think of Halloween, scary movies, and horror movies, you don't automatically think of Harry Potter. Most of us associate the series with happiness (because of course), but there are actually some pretty scary moments in the books and once they've been transposed to the big screen, they've just turned into nightmares. .

So button up your capes while we list the 10 scariest moments from Harry Potter movies!


When Voldemort's head was at the back of Quirrell's

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

Like straight out of a horror movie, Voldemort got attached to the back of Professor Quirrell's head. So Harry had to deal with a lot for an 11-year-old, including a face-to-face meeting with Voldemort AND a mad professor who let someone tie his head to the back of the his. A bit disturbing anyway.


Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

Meet Aragog! This giant spider, which is trying to eat Harry and Ron, despite the fact that Hagrid specifically asked him not to do so.As Ron said "why follow the spiders? Why not follow the butterflies?". Harry and Ron dive into the spooky forbidden forest to be greeted by thousands of HUGE and hostile spiders who want to eat them. It's not really everyone's favorite scene, is it? Of course not, JK.

The Basil hidden in the Chamber of Secrets

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

The wizarding world of J.K. Rowling is full of magical creatures, both cute and cuddly and terribly terrifying. The Chamber of Secrets presents one of the most dangerous creatures of all, the basil. Huge, poisonous and quick, the croc of the basil eventually becomes practical in the years that follow, but his scene in the bedroom is so scary that even Tom Riddle becomes a little nervous.

The Dementors

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

In an attempt to protect Hogwarts from famous criminal Sirius Black, someone thought it was a good idea to use the Dementors as guards. Not only is the appearance of the Dementors terrifying with their long black coats and frightening faces, but they also cause despair and sadness at anyone nearby. They are also capable of sucking the soul of a person,leaving their victim in an irreversible vegetative state. Isn't this the most adorable creature on earth! Difficult to sleep on your 2 ears after seeing these horrible creatures.

When Voldemort reincarnates in human form

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

It’s in the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, that the series goes from “dark” to SUPER SUPER “dark”. From the opening scene with the murder of poor Frank Bryce, to the amputation of Wormtail's arm and Harry's "bleeding" to resuscitate you-know-who, all of this is totally ... disturbing. Sure, we've seen Lord Voldemort in past movies, but his regeneration in Goblet of Fire is by far the scariest of all. Take a look at the photo if you still have doubts.

When Nagini attacks Arthur Weasley

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

In the Order of the Phoenix, we all thought it was the end for Arthur Weasley. Harry's dreams were becoming much more vivid and frightening and it seemed that Voldemort was gaining power as his number of victims increased. The scariest thing about the story is that Harry sees everything through Nagini's eyes: he feels responsible for Arthur Weasley's attack, but also feels powerless to stop it. Scary.


Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

As Snape puts it in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: "The inferius is a corpse that has been revived by the spells of a black wizard. It is not alive, it is simply used as a puppet to obey the wizard's orders. " Hmm, terrifying?

Voldemort needed an army and he had such a disregard for human life that this did not prevent him from sleeping waking the dead and using them as soldiers. The inferi are reanimated corpses, zombies if you will, and Voldemort does not give them the right to rest in peace.Imagine you are in your bed at night with these corpses crawling towards your door. No thanks.


Bathilda Tourdesac

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

Finally, an ally to inform Harry and Hermione! But wait a minute, something sounds wrong. However, we had been given a few clues about Bathilda's strange behavior, her inability to speak and the state of her house, but nobody wanted to believe it. It’s a Christmas Eve, they’re just one and the other, did they really deserve such a danger? But since it's the Deathly Hallows and everything is allowed, of course Bathilda's corpse was possessed by a giant snake. Why JK, why?


When Bellatrix tortures Hermione

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

Hearing Hermione's cries as Bellatrix tortures her is torture in itself.

The final battle of Hogwarts

Top 10 scariest moments of Harry Potter

No one was safe. You've probably scanned each page for names just to see who was still alive and who was still fighting. And then you saw Fred go by ...

And then Remus ....

And Tonks ....

The Battle of Hogwarts was without a doubt the most touching and frightening part of the whole series. All of our beloved characters were fighting for what was right and some of them were being killed for it, leaving a somewhat bitter taste for victory.


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