If you are a Potterhead, you're a better person

Harry Potter Book,

to A recent study published inThe Journal Of Applied Social Psychology", was able to correlate the fact that people who read Harry Potter are better people.

The authors of this study, Dr. Loris Vezzali, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia explained : “Harry Potter puts in front of people from minorities who are stigmatized, trying to understand their suffering and to act for more equality. Because of this we believe that this sense of empathy reduces inevitably the harm. The world of Harry Potter is characterized by social hierarchies are strict which create prejudices, the parallel with our society is there.

Harry Potter and his friends

As soon as the first volume, The sorcerer's stone, the main characters are presented with their differences : Harry and his scar on the forehead, Ron and his rags as clothes, Hermione and her parents muggle.

They are experimenting, each to their scale, the fact of being different. But at no time this difference does not come to question their friendship that is built on values that are far deeper.

And in the words of Dumbledore : “the differences of customs and of language are of no importance as long as our goals are the same and that our hearts are open to”.

Lavender Cheung

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