The Soft Quidditch

Want to practice Quidditch but you are not allowed to fly in the soft world?
Here is our solution: the Quidditch for moldu

Soft Quidditch

The principles of soft Quidditch Also known as " Ground "quidditch" Are quite similar to the Sorcerer Quidditch.
The game is played at 7: 3 continuers, 1 guard, 2 drummers and 1 catcher. The continuers and guards play with the souafle: their main goal is to score points by scoring goals through 3 rings.

Soft Quidditch

The drummers who play with the cognards to put the members of the opposing team out of the game. Players are taken out of the game temporarily once hit by a cognard. And finally, we have the catchers. Their only goal is to catch the gold, which will bring 30 points and end the game. The bright golden is a tennis ball rolling inside a yellow sock. It is inserted into the short golden runner's shorts as a tail, which is allowed to move around the entire area.

Soft Quidditch

Another important rule: always have a broom between the legs!

Always a bit difficult to visualize the game? Here is a video to help you understand.

In Reims, Harry Potter fans practice quidditch, in real

Lavender Cheung

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