Who will be the next Batman?

Since Ben Affleck announced that he would not return as "the Dark Knight", everyone wants to know who will be the next Bruce Wayne. We now have a solid lead. And we bet you know who it is?

À according to the latest echoes, Warner Bros. considers Robert Pattinson as the big favorite to replace Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Gotham is in shock!

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According to Variety, the actor is close to reaching a deal to play "Batman" in Matt Reeves' upcoming superhero movie, which will be screened on June 25, 2021. While some sources say that nothing has been done yet, Pattinson remains the first choice and that this should be concluded quickly. Warner Bros. made no comment.

Warner Bros. DC has kept many details behind on Matt Reeves' upcoming film, but Robert Pattinson is certainly the first to be the next Batman.

So can Cedric Diggory save Gotham?


The web went wild at the news, with both positive and negative reactions. Some fans don't get excited about Robert Pattinson donning the cape. Petitions have already been launched to replace Pattinson even before he officially took part in the cast. "Don't make the same Batfleck mistake yet" implore the petitions.


Many fans wanted Ben Affleck to continue his portrayal of Batman. Warner Bros. and DC agree that Batman needs a new lease of life, with a look back at the latter's younger years, leaving behind the older Batman played by Ben Affleck.  

But there is also a lot of support for Pattinson, with some noting that there had been a similar debate surrounding Heath Ledger's announcement as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." In a Twitter post, Wright wrote, "Here for #RBatz," showing his endorsement of the cast.

BATMAN robert pattinson

Of course, Pattinson is not the only young Anglo-Saxon actor in the race. Some time after announcing his name, Deadline announced that Nicholas Hoult (having starred in X-men) was also tipped for the role. À respectively, 33 and 29 years old, one or the other would be the youngest to ever take on the role and hopefully bring new energy to a role that needs it.

Rumor has been swirling that Reeves is developing a alfred Hitchcock-inspired film noir that will focus on the links between comics and police fiction. It is likely that this new Batman will be completely different from anything we have seen before.

Do you think Robert Pattinson will make a good Batman? Are you satisfied with the casting's choice? If not, who would you rather see play Batman?  

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