What are your favorite spells?

How easier life would be if you could only add a few spells (especially Monday morning)! Here are our favorites that we would like to use in our daily life!

Rogue Riddikulus

From Harry Potter wiki
  • Riddikulus: A classic that never disappoints! What could be better than being able to laugh in certain somewhat tense situations? Ask Neville, he's probably the grand master of the Riddikulus spell since he dressed Professor Snape in his grandmother's clothes!

Harry potter lumos

From Entertainment Time

  • Lumos: a little scary at night when you get home? Lumos could help you! Or even just to find your keys in your bag, they always hide at the bottom of the bottom when we look for them!

Wingardium leviosa

From Harry Potter wiki

  • Wingardium Leviosa: your bag is heavy? Your suitcase overflows and is impossible to lift? Wingardium Leviosa, well pronounced as Hermione taught us, is really practical!

More spells in the JOE article!

Cover image for Professor Lupine

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

Moi, mon préféré, même si c’est un sortilège impardonnable, serait “Impero” !!! La vie serait bien mieux!!!

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