What creatures does Norbert Dragonneau hide in his suitcase?

There are 26 different creature species in the Fantastic Beasts movie, most of which are in Norbert's suitcase, which has been bewitched with an undetectable extension spell allowing it to hide all of its menagerie.

Norbert Dragonneau suitcase

Some of these creatures were featured extensively in the film, while others appear only briefly or are hidden in the background.

They are mischievous, malicious, dangerous, shy, friendly and more than ready to cause damage in the magic suitcase of Norbert and New York in the 1926s. We know that Norbert is far from being as comfortable with people than his creatures. So what are the fantastic animals of Fantastic animals ?

Below you will find the list of the most famous magic creatures.


The Niffler

Niffler Fantastic Beasts

The Niffler comes to us from Great Britain. They can be cute with their long duck snouts and fluffy black fur, but these little creatures can wreak havoc when you lose sight of them. They are attracted to anything that shines and they have a pocket on their stomachs to store all the treasures they steal. Even though Niffleurs are gentle and affectionate, they can be destructive and should not be domesticated.


The Murlap

Murlap the Fanstastic Animals

Murlaps are ugly! Similar in appearance to the rat, these hairless creatures resemble a large, sweet rat, with tentacles (called "outgrowth") that they carry on their backs. They populate the coastal regions of Great Britain. Despite its ugly appearance, its tentacles allow the manufacture of a potion to relieve wounds and they also make it possible to resist spells. Note that excessive consumption of this potion causes side effects especially in Muggles.


The Occamy

occamy fantastic animals

An Occamy emerges from an egg at the start of the film, this is our first glimpse of an adult specimen. It is a creature that walks on 2 legs and has feathers and wings and a serpentine body. He is aggressive towards any creature which approaches him, in particular when he protects his eggs, whose shells are made of the most delicate and purest silver. It is a creature called "choranaptyxic", which means that its size varies depending on the space in which it is located.


The Thunderbird

The bird thunder the fantastic animals

The thunderbird is a huge flying creature, native to Arizona, in the United States. Golden eyed bird with four pairs of wings and a forked tail. It generally sports white feathers. Some species have patterns of clouds and suns on their wings. It is able to form storms when it is in full flight and cause lightning to shoot out from its wings. The mood of a thunder bird can also influence the weather. It has the particularity of being able to feel the approach of any danger of supernatural origin.



Botruc the fantastic animals

The Botruc is a small creature (maximum 20 centimeters in height) considered as a guardian of the trees, which one finds in the West of England, in the south of Germany as well as in certain Scandinavian forests. But also in the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts! His body seems to be a mixture of bark and twigs, which makes it very easy to hide and merge in the trees in which he nests. Norbert has a special bond with one of his Botrucs whom he named Pickett.


La Demiguise


The Demiguise is a magical creature that is very difficult to spot due to its ability to make itself invisible when threatened. Only wizards specially trained to capture it are able to see it. It’s the last creature Norbert catches after his suitcase opens in New York. She looks like a graceful monkey with large, melancholy eyes most often hidden behind her hair. Her body is covered with long, silky, silvery fur. Its fur is particularly appreciated because the hairs, once woven, make it possible to make invisibility cloaks, like the one Harry possesses.



Nundu fantastic animals

The Nundu is a gigantic creature, at the same time agile, discreet and fierce, which populates the wild countries of East Africa. It moves silently despite its size and is considered one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth. The animal is indeed known for its insatiable appetite for human beings, which it hunts at the slightest opportunity. It is said that his breath is toxic and diffuses deadly diseases. In the wild, the Nundu is a difficult animal, even impossible to control without the help and support of a hundred wizards.


The eruptive

eruptive fantastic animals

The eruptive is a large African animal, Norbert has a female in his collection who escaped the streets of New York, causing some damage upon waking. He looks like a rhino. It is a very powerful animal, with a pointed horn on the muzzle, a long tail like a rope, and thick skin that allows it to repel most spells and curses. It never attacks, unless it has been provoked with insistence, but when it charges, the results are usually catastrophic. The horn of the Eruptive can indeed pierce anything, from the skin to metal, and it contains a deadly secretion which causes the explosion of the creature or object in which it is injected.



billywig fantastic animals

The Billywig is an Australian insect with a sparkling sapphire blue color. The speed at which the Billywig flies makes it mostly invisible to Muggle eyes and even often to wizards who only notice its presence when they have been bitten. The Billywig's wings are attached to the top of its head and have such a speed of rotation that the creature turns on its own while flying. The lower extremity of its body ends in a long, very fine sting. The victim of an injection suffers from dizziness followed by a state of levitation.



Demonzerve wonder fantastic animals

When folded in on itself, Demonzemerveille only looks like a green cocoon small enough to hold in one hand and with spikes. When it unfolds, it takes the form of a creature with a silhouette evoking a hybrid between a bat and a giant butterfly, with green skin and covered with peaks on the outside of its wings. On the inside of the wings, its skin is blue. The Demonzemerveille's skull is a skeletal head with pointed fangs and yellow eyes. By entering its trumpet-shaped tongue into a person's ears, the Demonzemerve is able to draw out memories. Not only does Norbert have one in his suitcase, he also carries it on him to defend himself if necessary.


 Source: Pottermore
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