What do we learn from the latest Fantastic Beasts trailer?

Finally the last trailer for the movie Fantastic Beasts is out? Haven't you seen it yet? Here is a little summary!

First of all, the photos of the casting are really beautiful, you can admire them on our dedicated Pinterest board! You can really feel the dark and disturbing atmosphere that surrounds Paris as Grindelwald, escaped from his prison, tries to sow chaos in the capital.


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As some have said,  Maledictus is Nagini! embodied by Claudia Kim on screen, the character of Maledictus transforms into a giant and frightening serpent during a spectacular metamorphosis, that same terrifying snake that Nebille Longbottom will strike down many years later! Since we can see it in human form it is quite possible that the past of Maledictus is much more complicated than we could imagine! Maledictus befriends Croyance and the two find themselves working in a Parisian circus while seeking to find their place in the wizarding world ...

Dumbledore seems concerned for Norbert's safety to the point of sending him to safety in Paris .... Which does not stop him from entrusting him with the dangerous mission of tracking down Grindelwald ... Strange when Dumbledore is the most powerful and capable of wizards ....

 Norbert Dragonneau

From PopBastion

Speaking of Norbert, the latter is reunited with his older brother Thésée who asks him to choose his side. To which Norbert retorts him that he does not intend to ... We feel that this fraternal relationship is tense and it may well be that good feelings are not present during this reunion.

Queenie Goldstein

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Queenie wanders alone and seems lost far from Jacob, who is again with Norbert atthe pursuit of fantastic animals!

Tina, separated from her sister, seems to be devoted to her work and is seen in a dark room decorated with bright whitish inscriptions….

And finally, il would seem that new creatures and new spells  have appeared, get ready to study them with our Fantastic Beasts collection and in particular our magic suitcase Norbert Dragonneau!


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