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Professor Snape is arguably one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in the Harry Potter universe. Superbly played by Alan Rickman, he has become a posterity among fans of the saga. Here is some information about our potions master.If you want to see more images, go to our Pinterest board.


Severus Snape

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- His last words are "Look at me" to see in his last breath the eyes of Harry. Often described as emerald green and almond shaped, Harry's eyes are a reminder of those of his mother Lily, whose Professor Snape was deeply in love and has remained in his heart since his years studying at Hogwarts, and asking to see those eyes again is a touching and moving sign of this unchanged affection. 

 Severus Snape

From Pottermore

- He is the only one who can create a Patronus among the Death Eaters. The faithful of Lord Voldemort are not able to cast this spell because they are helped by the Dementors and do not have the human qualities to use this powerful charm.The form that this spell takes for Professor Snape is a doe, animal associated with Lily Potter, reminder once again of his love for the deceased. For comparison, Harry's Patronus is a deer, symbol of his relationship with his father.

Severus Snape


- Loving father for Harry, James Potter nonetheless made life at Hogwarts hellish for his comrade Severus. James was probably already in love with Lily Evans and, jealous of his privileged relationship with Snape, he did not hesitate to humiliate him several times with the other three Marauders. An inexcusable act towards a man who will protect his son until the end.

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