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LIMA is certainly the capital of Peru but not that! It is also the acronym for the International Licensing Awards. Every year for 33 years now, Lima rewards the best initiatives and innovations within the licensee community. 

This year we had the great honour of winning the "Best retailer for a Character / Entertainment Initiative" for our project "Lafayette Wizarding World Galleries", in partnership with Sylvoe and Warner Bros. in December 2018. Consumer Products Australia.

We had erected a pop-up store on the world of Harry Potter in the heart of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris.  

wizarding world galleries lafayette
 wizarding world galleries lafayette
"Congratulations to the winners for the initiative and creativity they have demonstrated that are advancing our industry every day" - Maura Regan, President of Licensing International.

wizarding world lafayete galleries

wizarding world galleries lafayette 

The very first "Wizarding World" store in France immersed visitors in the world of Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Animals films with an extraordinary selection of iconic objects and gifts. It was an opportunity to discover the magical world, inspired by J.K Rowling's novels: inside, a new set design, bewitching animation areas and a selection of products, straight off the Traverse Way, including an incredible collection of magic wands, replicas, plush and jewelry.

In addition, from the pop store dedicated to the magical world of Harry Potter, the installation included exclusive animations such as an immersive photocall which immersed visitors in the magical world of the film Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald. But also master classes of spells to learn how to make iconic spells from the films "Wingardium Leviosa", " Riddikulus" or "Oculus Reparo."  It was even possible to make his animated portrait, straight out of Azkaban prison!

wizarding world galleries lafayette

The pop-up store welcomed no less than 200,000 visitors in just 2 months! A big thank you to everyone who was able to come. We hope you liked the shop.

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

Magnifique!!! Bravo!!!!!

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