New Hagrid attraction opens in Orlando this summer


On June 13, the Orlando Universal Park "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade" area will host a brand new thrill ride based on the successful film license: Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

New Hagrid attraction opens in Orlando this summer

During the adventure, visitors will take their seats on Hagrid's motorbike for a short trip in the Forbidden Forest. Many creatures well known to Harry Potter fans will cross their paths: Bushy, the three-headed dog, Cornish elves or a Firecracker. It will certainly be one of the most successful attractions with a rollercoaster, dark ride part, high-speed propulsion, animatronics and hyper realistic decorations.

Other pitfalls await visitors during their getaway, during which they will come across the famous flying car of the Weasleys: a face to face with a Firecracker in Hagrid's cabin and a blockage in the Devil's Net.

The fan site also specifies that no screen will be used for this novelty, contrasting with the latest projects from Universal Orlando Resort. All creatures, including Touffu, will be represented in life-size animatronics.

Source: Dimensionparcs

Lavender Cheung

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