The mysteries of Ron Weasley

In books and movies, it becomes clear that Ron and Harry are inseparable, Ron's family adopting Harry as a sixth son in their happy siblings. However we could find that in some ways Ron did not have as much opportunity to show all his talents as his best friend while being a bit mysterious too!


Patronus Ron

From Harry Potter Wikia

  • His patronus is a Jack Russell terrier, a cute little dog! Ron, however, only had owls and Croutards as pets, so why a dog? Especially since he's scared of the Sinistros!

Ron weasley

From Buzzfeed

  • Why doesn't he have a magic specialty? Harry is a remarkable wizard able to cast complex spells from a very young age, Hermione is simply the most intelligent but what about Ron? In the first book he shows his strategist abilities during the chess game and later he proves to be a very good Quiddicth player so why not use these assets during confrontations with the Death Eaters?

Yule ball

From Fanpop

  • His attitude with Hermione at the Three Wizards' Cup ball is disastrous: he is jealous and leaves the evening enraged and sad. This can be attributed to a lack of self-confidence, something you could already notice when you met Harry. Despite his qualities and Hermione's support, the latest books do not entirely give the impression that he managed to feel good about himself ...

More details on Ron in the Screenrant article!

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