The essentials on the holiday road

harry potter vacation road

Did you get up at 4 a.m. but are you still stuck in traffic jams on the sun highway? Do you have 5 hours of TGV to kill with family or friends? Your night flight has been delayed and you are wandering through the corridors of duty-free aimlessly?

Who has never had a somewhat chaotic start to a vacation.

We have put together the ultimate checklist of all self-respecting Potterheads, to allow you to silence this little voice in your head that hums “is it still far?” And prevent the holiday road from turning into a nightmare .



  1. We tag the luggage

Have you just flown 15 hours by plane, are you ready to put on your swimsuit and go for a cocktail by the beach? Only your luggage is not there! it does not happen to others unfortunately. Not everyone can provide such impeccable service as the Hogwarts Express.

Labeling your luggage may remind you of your trips to summer camps where your mother labels your clothes. Not very glamorous and a bit childish. Take our word for it can save your vacation. As a bonus you can easily recognize your suitcase among the others. It will be the most stylish!


You can find all our luggage label holders on our site, right here


  1. We prepare our playlist

Are you planning a road trip across the country? Don't move, we have the perfect playlists.

We do not forget that the soundtrack of the films was composed by John Williams, one of the best composers and no less than 260 soundtracks to his credit. These songs accompanied Harry in his eventful adventures, they will punctuate your adventures too.

Playlist 1:

Playlist 2:

Playlist 3:


  1. We plan to take care of it!

Our phone always keeps us busy for a while, but after a while we run out of steam, and we've already liked all the photos of cute cats on social networks. Stay more then than take your pain in patience for the 4 hours of train that we have left.


So remember to bring games and activities to keep the young and old alike occupied.

For the youngest, coloring is a fun activity that will keep them occupied for a little while. The older ones can get on with the job too! Click right here  to download our 2 Harry Potter coloring pages.

                               COLORING HARRY POTTERcoloring harry potter

Do you know the Harry Potter saga so well? Your friend boasts of being better than you? Now is the time to prove who is the best of you 2 and test your knowledge of Harry Potter. You can download our quiz right here. We don't cheat, huh! 😉

And then if you have a bad score, you have all the vacations to review😋

Group activities are not too much of your thing or you just travel alone, it's time to refocus on the classics. Put one or more of the saga's books in your bag or watch the movies on your laptop / tablet (again). Because we will never (NEVER) tire of re-reading / reviewing them, even if we already know the end.


  1. We team

Whether on the plane, in the car or on the train, no one is immune to a little cold. We all know the trick of using your jacket as a blanket or blocking the air conditioning much too strong with what comes in hand. This time we anticipate, no more system D. Notice to the chilly, equip yourself! Scarf, scarf, sweater, long sleeves, hat (you never know how much the SNCF or Air France will have decided to push the air conditioning!).

               scarf harry potterscarf harry potterscarf harry potterscarf harry potter

You can find all our models of scarves right here  and our scarves right here


If like us, you are the type to take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable for your journey there are 2 fundamental rules to respect. One you check your socks before leaving, it would be a shame to take socks with holes. Two, you take stylish socks, it is not because you drop your shoe that you should lose all good manners.


To find all our models of socks it is by right here.

Have a good trip and happy holidays!

gif harry potter

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

Enfin je vais pouvoir partir en voyage seraine!!

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