The Coulisses of the creation of Harry Potter was revealed by a manuscript by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter manuscript J.K. Rowling

Thanks to this manuscript of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we will be able to see that to create an entire universe you need only a sheet, a pen and above all good ideas!

The manuscript, posted by J.K. Rowling herself, describes the trama of the 13the 21e chapter of the fifth volume of the Harry Potter saga. The plots of the work were developed in this grid. On the left, we can see the number of the chapter and also the month in which the history takes place. Then come the name of the chapter and the development of the plot.

The key points of the story that the writer wants to keep in mind come next. They are columns dedicated to prophecy, which is the central plot of the fifth volume, to the hero's love affair with Cho and Ginny, the tortuous relationship of Rogue and Harry, as well as Hagrid's business with Graup.

In order to coincide with the adventures of Harry Potter, the author's goal is to chronologically classify each of these stories that are cooked. We, Cinereplicas, want to recreate products from this magical universe through a design as similar as possible to the films. Keep dreaming in our Cinereplicas Universe !


Audray Bensoussan

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