Fantastic Animals: The Love Parade for the Eruptive

One of the creatures in the film that can be remembered is the Eruptive. This is especially due to a fun scene from the movie "Fantastic Animals" when Norbert Dragonneau performs a dance called the very original "Mating Dance".

The Eruptif is a creature with thick skin that allows it to repel most spells and evils, a pointed horn on the snout and a long tail similar to a rope.


It never attacks, unless it has been urged, but when it loads, the results are usually catastrophic. The eruptive horn can pierce anything from the skin to the metal, and it contains a deadly secretion that causes the creature or object in which it is injected to explode.

That's what can be very dangerous. This is why the Eruptives themselves are not very numerous since the males often blow each other up during the mating season, during which they perform a love parade to seduce the females.

In one scene from the film, we can see Norbert Dragonneau performing this funny love parade in an attempt to seduce the female Eruptif and capture her. If you also want to learn the very precise steps of this fun dance, watch this hilarious video where actor Eddie Redmayne learns Jimmy Fallon to perform it during his American show!


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