Fantastic Animals: J.K. Rowling revealed to Jude Law all the secrets of Dumbledore

Jude Law prepares his role as Dumbledore in the film Fantastic Animals

Jude Law revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he knew all the secrets of Dumbledore thanks to J.K. Rowling in preparation for his role in Fantastic Animals .

« You know what I did? I sat down for an entire afternoon with J. K. Rowling and listened to his extraordinary and wise words. She was kind enough to tell me the whole story of her young Dumbledore, as well as her hopes for the future. She showed me the way. And I just followed what the author wanted. »

Obviously without saying anything more, the actor knows that it would be unforgivable to reveal the slightest anecdote about his character at the "Potterheads" before the release of the films.

For more information on Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald's Crimes:

Lavender Cheung

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