Fantastic Beasts 3: finally a shooting date !!!

Already postponed three times, the shooting of "Fantastic Beasts 3" would start in February 2020. This is in any case the information that the actor Dan Fogler has.

While the filming of Fantastic Beasts 3 seemed to be under the influence of an immobilization spell, it seems that it is finally stalled on a date that will not move. Guest of LeakyCon (via Comicbook), actor Dan Fogler (interpreter of Jacob Kowalski) said:

We haven't started [filming] yet, we're starting in February. The last time I heard from J.K. [Rowling] was writing furiously, everyone was happy with what she had offered and we are all waiting for the new screenplay. This is where we are.

And when asked if his character is going to find his girlfriend Queenie, who has rallied to the terrible mage Grindelwald, Fogler replies:

"I hope [Jacob] finds Queenie. I haven't read the script yet and I've lost quite a bit of weight. I think it'll be fun because you know, she put a tracking spell on me to follow me like a puppy ... but what if she also put a spell on me to make me lose weight? (Laughter)".

Scheduled for last July, the shooting of Fantastic Beasts has been postponed until the fall and now at the start of next year. The release date in 2020 has also changed to November 2021. According to Comicbook, heated by the failure of Justice League, the producers of the Warner seem ready to wait until the script is fully prepared before starting filming.

If Warner is taking its time, it's because the first Fantastic Beasts grossed $ 814 million but the following episode only brought in "$ 653.7 million." The challenge of this third opus will be to try to rediscover the success of the new feature film.

Source: Allociné

Lavender Cheung

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