The French no longer call it Muggle

Non magical animal

Wonderful animal 2: Greenwald's crime will appear in our cinema at the end of this year. Recently we learned that the plot of the film took place in Paris. Now, people know more about the Muggles in Paris, and they're not called Muggles, you guess. So we need to find a new term in the fantastic animal suite

Fans of Harry Potter's amazing world are looking forward to the amazing animal suite that will be available by the end of 2018. At present, the script is ambiguous. We only know that the action will be held in Paris. Norbert dragonneau will cooperate with the great Abu Dumbledore to arrest greendelwald. The first work was done in the United States. We found that people without magic outside the Atlantic Ocean are not called Muggles, but Muggles. It's the same for France. In our hexagon, Muggles have different names. French Muggles are called "non magic," director David Yates told entertainment. A logical term, but it's not as cool as "software.".

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Audray Bensoussan

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