The 10 trades you will find only in Harry Potter

Once your studies in Hogwarts are finished and your ASPICs in your pocket, the time will come for you to choose your trade. The magical labour market offers many possibilities as unsuspected as unexpected. So you don't get next to your dream job, discover the top 10 of the only accessible trades in the wizard world.

Quidditch player

quidditch harry potter

You’re pretty sporty, you don’t have the dizziness and you’re doing a broom, you might be interested. Popular and unavoidable sport in “Harry Potter”, the Quidditch has strong supporters and unleashes the crowds. Exercising Quidditch's playing profession obviously requires knowing how to fly on a broom but not that! Whether you are a pursuer, guardian, catcher or drummer, you have to keep your temper and reactivity in the face of the many unexpected events that can occur during a game. This job requires a high flexibility of timetable, with games that can last up to several months!

Conductor of Magicobus

Magicobus harry potter

To be privileged to drive the “emergency transport for witches and witches in perdition”, you must be an ace of the wheel and have excellent visual acuity or at least a good ophthalmo. If management is not very close to respecting signs, however, it is on respect for timings. It’s a demanding job, you’ll work both day and night. If you're in a transport bad, you can go your way, it's not bad.


Oubliator harry potter

You will be working in the witchcraft repair brigade of the Ministry of Magic. You have to have the strong kidneys to work there since your job is to keep the magic community secret. Not obvious when you have teenagers driving a flying car over London. Most often this involves showing up on scenes where Moldus witnessed magic or any trace of magic and erasing their memories so that they forget and tell no one about it. Questionable ethics, but you will have stories to tell your friends for sure.

Wand Manufacturer

Wandmaker harry potter

The manufacture of wizard rods is the result of an ancestral tradition that has been perpetuated for many generations. This craft discipline requires excellent mastery in wood preparation. Each rod has a sensitivity that is its own, influenced by its components. A strong base of knowledge in sales techniques is a clear advantage even though often the wand chooses its owner and not the other way around. Better to warn you about the employment prospects are not many, because know-how is being passed on within the same family. And if you're based in the UK you have a weight competitor in the person of Garrick Ollivander.

Malefice breaker

malefice breaver harry potter

Also called spell conjurer or spell breaker. It is not a bad thing that wants to be broken, it is necessary to have a minimum of a BUSE in arithmancia to become it. They are usually employed by Gringotts or the Ministry of Magic. We can compare them to archaeologists in the moulded world. They are responsible for abolishing spells present at the places where treasures are present. An exciting job, not to mention that you will travel around the world.


harry potter travail

He is considered in the world of witchcraft to be the equivalent of the doctor in the Moldus. He treats diseases and other magical injuries in Ste Mangouste. When you know that there are no real limits to the damage that a spell can cause and that the results are often more bizarre than any accident in the Moldu world, wait for busy days. To become a healer, you will need to get an Exceptional Effort in potions, botany, metamorphosis, spells and defense against the Evil Forces at the ASPIC events. If you are the cancer of your class and you have a unicorn horsehair in your hand, you are suggested to choose another way.


lead tongue harry potter

A profession marked by the seal of secrecy. A Language-of-Poverth is a wizard who works for the Mystery Department. The activities of the Languages-de-plomb are secret, and that is why they are dubbed as such. It will be said that if you do not have your tongue in your pocket, this job is not done for you. Hard to describe a typical day, rumors circulate but impossible to discern the true of the false. You will conduct important research into the most nebulous mysteries and explore the mysterious forces that infiltrate the world of wizards. A whole program!


Magizoologiste newt scamander

The study of magical creatures is a dream for many young witches and witches but it is not because you own in your library a copy of “Fantastic Animal Life and Habitat” that you can become so. You must have good grades in the course of Care to magical and botanical creatures. This profession requires many human quality such as patience to establish a trusted relationship with animals. Compliance with regulations is a real more, just like possessing a very large suitcase!

Dragon Driver

dragon harry potter

Caring for harmless reptiles is one thing, becoming a dragon trainer is another. Dragons are spread around the world and there are many species (all more or less dangerous). If you want to succeed in your career, you are advised to start with alternating training in the world’s largest dragon reserve, nothing better than practical and theory to acquire the many skills needed for this position. This is not a job for burned heads, you will have to be cold-blooded. It is recalled that dragon farming was banned by the Sorcerers’ Convention.



Many students aspire to become Auror, a member of an elite unit of officers led by the Ministry of Magic. This profession of excellence is mainly the retrieval of the black mages that are sévissant in the world of witches. An Auror is responsible for enforcing the law and protecting all magic communities from the various threats that may be posed to the world of witches, it quickly acquires high responsibilities. The training remains long and intensive, but few candidates are qualified. Better have a good physical condition and not be afraid to endanger themselves.

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