The Harry Potter chapter that J.K. Rowling rewrote on a loop

Like all great writers, J.K. Rowling also had a hard time putting her ideas on paper. Comforting a fan who asked her for advice on Twitter about the difficulties of rewriting, Rowling revealed that "Chapter 9 of the firecut almost destroyed me. I've rewrote it so many times that I can't count them."

The ninth chapter of Harry Potter and the Goofy is called "The Mark of Darkness." 

In this chapter, the story takes place during the festivities after the Quidditch World Cup match where a group of Death Eaters attack Muggles. Someone throws the Mark of Darkness, the symbol of Voldemort, into the sky, and we discover the elf Winky with Harry's wand. Infuriated, Barty Croupton returns to winky field.

Lavender Cheung

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