The Post Office, Owls and Other Mysteries in Harry Potter

Some details of the magical world are not always very clear to Harry Potter readers such as the post office and the owls who contribute to it. 

Here's what we know about this ingenious system: owls send mail to recipients wherever they are. But if a owl like Hedwige can find Sirius Black, how is it possible that the Ministry of Magic can't do it? Some would argue that the Department is not renowned for its effectiveness, a fairly likely response and verified many times by Harry and his friends!


Harry Potter Croutard


Another question is about Croutard's presence at Hogwarts. Ron brings it with him to the school of his first days or the letter of admission specifies that only cats, owls and toads are accepted ... No doubt a rodent in a dormitory is not unanimous and yet curiously no one complains ...

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Lavender Cheung

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