The singer Gwen Stefani gives a birthday on the topic of Harry Potter to her son


Gwen Stefani dedicated his weekend to his second son, Zuma, to give him a birthday a bit ahead of time. The small boy was born on August 21st, 2008 but it is on Sunday that his mother chose to celebrate her his 9 years. The singer besides did not make things half, since she chose the favourite hero of her son Harry Potter, and her world to re-decorate her home for occasion.

The singer wanted to share all these instants with her fans and published the birthday on her story instagram. She has even recreated the platform 9 ¾ at home to welcome his guests.

It is even possible to discover the letters of Poudlard addressed to Harry Potter everywhere in a place of the room. A healthy snack with fruits which form an Owl

They also find that Drago Malefoy and Severus Rogue who keep the table of drinks, where it is possible to find golden-cups...

Another banks on for the gourmands.. The baby Zuma had a gateau as high as for what he waited

It can be said that the baby of Gwen had a holiday of birthday which he will never forget!

A very cheerful birthday to Zuma is wished.

Audray Bensoussan

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