JK Rowling regrets, but not all of his readers!

Like every year, J.K Rowling apologizes to his readers for killing one of the characters in the Harry Potter saga. This time, the character in question seems to be less missed by the fans.

In seven volumes, Harry Potter fans had to make do with many losses. Throughout the saga, many characters die and fans are sad to lose popular characters, especially when they suffer an unfair or unexpected death.

jk rowling

She tweeted "Please don't go to war over this, but this year I would like to apologize for killing (whispering) ... Snape. * Run for cover * ".

The day of his tweet is not coincidentally the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, in which many characters lost their lives.

Apologizing for the death, the author knew full well that she was going to react.

Indeed, Rogue, played on screen by Alan Rickman, actor who died in January 2016, is an ambivalent character in the saga: former ally of the fearsome Voldemort before joining the forces of good, he remains for many the professor who does not made no gift to Harry.

So, if some are moved by this message, others believe that the professor of potions does not deserve so much consideration: "He made Harry's school life hell" and others "He deserved it "Recall that Snape, if he got Harry's forgiveness, has not yet managed to win over all the fans.

To each his opinion.

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