It will now be possible to visit Gringotts Bank!

Good news for the Potterheads!

Harry Potter snacks

From next April, you will be able to benefit from a brand new extension. It will now be possible to visit the Gringotts Bank. We see again the famous scene where Harry discovers the bank in the first film. it will soon be possible to visit the Gringotts Bank and the Lestrange family safe.

Harry Potter snacks

Warner Bros. has just announced a new 1500m2 extension which will open on April 6. Many objects will be exhibited such as the Gryffindor sword or the Hufflepuff cup. The costumes of Gripsec and Bogrod will also be exhibited.

Harry Potter snacks

If you've always dreamed of meeting the Gringotts Goblins, go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour from April 6

Why not disguise yourself as Harry Potter characters with these costumes

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