Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is coming very soon. If like all wizards you are looking for original gift ideas our guide to the perfect gift for wizards and witches is what you need!

Ready to splurge

Norbert Dragonneau suitcase Quidditch Dresses Harry Potter sorcerer robes


For those who want to spoil their loved ones. Choose from an exceptional replica of Norbert Dragonneau's suitcase, the famous sorcerer's dresses or even customizable Quidditch dresses that you can match with deluxe edition scarves. Make your loved ones feel spoiled rotten!

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No need to empty your safe at Gringotts

Harry Potter slippers Harry Potter Slytherin Student Hat Harry Potter Kawaii Birthday Pack Harry Potter scarves


Not ready to break your Gringotts piggy bank but still looking for a magic gift for your loved ones? Here are some of our enchanted products selected by us.

Difficult to make your choice?  Take a look at our bestsellers!


Gifts for budding wizards

Harry Potter Gryffindor children's dresses Harry Potter cookie cutters Harry potter hair acessories Harry Potter Chocolate Frog mold


Giving a gift to a budding magician is not always easy. Take a look at what we have in our children's collection and give him a bit of Harry Potter magic.

Need more ideas? Find our entire children's collection here

Promotion ofChristmas

For 12 consecutive days from December 1st Cinereplicas will prepare Christmas with you with 12 good plans every day (12h GMT + 1. To be expected: contests and good savings plans ....

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