Out of ideas for Mother's Day?

If there is one thing that the Harry Potter saga has taught us is how powerful a mother’s love can be and all the sacrifices she’s willing to make for those she loves. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show her how much we love her in return. (Find here all of Harry Potter's maternal love acts).

This year again, are you looking for a gift to give her? A gift is always a pleasure, but sometimes everything our mother wants has spent time with us. This year we are offering you an activity guide to share time and memories with your mother.



A mom spends most of the time looking after us, she deserves to have time and to take care of herself.

You can book a mother daughter / son yoga session. She will enjoy relaxing and clearing her mind.

Show that you are a real team by wearing associated t-shirts. our t-shirts are not only magical but also super comfortable for yoga.

If you have a competitive spirit, take the “3 wizards tournament” t-shirts Harry potter  and Cedric Diggory. If you are the spitting image of your mother and we are used to confusing you (like Fred and Georges), choose 2 “Hermione Fans of Quidditch” t-shirts  to look like binoculars!

Harry potter hair accessories

If your mother has long hair, consider taking one of our hair accessories  to stay stylish even in the downward facing dog position;)


A sweet break

If your mother is a gourmet type, the best way to please her is to thank her with a little sweet treat.

You have no talent for cooking? No problem ! We have prepared 2 ultra-simple recipes just for you.

To find our recipes, click on the links below:


harry potter cookie cutters      Harry Potter cookies


harry potter muffin cratesHarry Potter chocolate cupcakes


Don't be afraid to introduce your mother to the world of witchcraft, because after all, her love for you is magic too!

Love harry potter

Credit: New love times


If you don't have all the utensils you need to cook, here's where to find them:


Put the small dishes in the big ones

Now that your sweet treats are cooked, it's time to impress your mother and set the table with love and magic. You don't know how to do it and where to find what you need? Our packs should simplify your task. (available in 2 styles: Hogwarts / kawaii).

harry potter hogwarts birthday setHogwarts

kawaii harry potter birthday setkawaii


If you've read the article all the way, here's the good news, the articles mentioned in the article will be on sale until May 26, 2019. Click here to find the discounted items.


Happy Mother's Day !

Audray Bensoussan

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