Harry Potter love apples for Halloween

Get ready to taste delicious white chocolate love apples with Lyndsey's wonderful recipe @QuillsandQuaffles! Decorated with your Harry Potter cookie cutters, they will delight young and old! Do you want to get started? Follow the recipe step by step and you love apples!


Here are the steps as performed by our talented chef!

What you will need:


Chocolate (white or other depending on your preference)

Glaze in the form of a paste

Wooden sticks

Pan / bowl


Food decoration


Steps :

Start by piercing the apples with the sticks

Apply a little melted butter on a sheet of baking paper to place your apples once covered with chocolate

Melt the chocolate (about 450g) in a small bowl deep enough

When the chocolate is homogeneous, by holding the apple by the stick dip it delicately in the bowl.

Use a spoon to finish covering the apple. Sprinkle your frosting over the apple.

Place the apples on your baking paper

Harry Potter cookie cutter

By @Quillsandquaffles 


Sprinkle your food decoration and reserve in the fridge (hence the usefulness of the tray to make your life easier).

Harry Potter cookie cutters

By @Quillsandquaffles 

Roll out your ice cream dough and cut out shapes with your Harry Potter cookie cutters (they are very easy to use, I love them!)


Harry Potter cookie cutters

Keep the dorms in the fridge for a few minutes so that you can apply them more easily on the apples

When the chocolate on the apples is set, stick the shapes on the apples and solder well with the rest of the chocolate.

tadaaaaam! Good tasting !

It is not more complicated than that!

You can find all our food videos on our Youtube channel and on our blog (Yogurt cake filled cookies and many others !)


Audray Bensoussan

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