New characters and more details about the next Fantastic Animals!

A new trailer for the movie Fantastic Animals has just been released and it tells us even more about the film!

Dumbledore changed careers during his years at Hogwarts:e trailer opens with a course defending against the forces of evil, telling us that Dumbledore has not always been a teacher of metamorphosis. In the same scene we also see that already young Norbert Dragonneau did not want to end up in an office and was even afraid of a conventional life ! This explains a lot of his life and his passion for magical creatures! Speaking of these, the Niffleur was seen in the trailer so our favorite little cartist is back!

Norbert Dragonneau

De Mugglenet

Other characters have been added to the story, Vinda Rosier and Torquil Travers whose names you will surely recognize: their descendants will be among the most fervent supporters of Lord Voldemort. Grindelwald can also be heard explaining to sorcerers his frightening vision of the use of magic for a few moments.....

Leta Lestrange

From The Leaky Cauldron

Leta Lestrange, fiancée of Theseus Dragonneau, will have an important role because her family is one of the most influential in the magical world. It also appears that she is related to Bellebosse Belief through her father, Corvus Lestrange, who is also said to be the father of the young man martyred by his adoptive family in New York.  Leta's mother will also make an appearance in the film, family reunions to be expected! Belief, for its part, is accompanied by Maledictus, a young woman under the blow of a curse that we were talking about recently and which is causing a lot of ink among fans of the saga to guess the details.

Queenie Goldstein

From We heart it

The Goldstein sisters will be accompanied by their teacher from the Ilvermorny American School of Witchcraft, Professor Eulalie Hicks, whose reputation is as popular as Dumbledore!

Norbert Dragonneau

From Collider

And finally Nicolas Flamel whose name will have made Harry, Ron and Hermione read more than one book to find his name! We see him in the trailer chatting with Norbert and Jacob. We can't wait to find out more about his role!

Sources: The Hindustan Times, Elite Daily And Fansided

Cover photo of Mugglenet


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