Create your magical Harry Potter weekend!

You do not know how to keep your children busy this weekend? Why not put together a Harry Potter themed weekend?

-Workshop potion: you can start preparing philters worthy of Professor Snape or more simply cook cakes, Cookies and Butterbeer!

Harry potter forbidden forest

From Cosmopolitan

- Insect hunting: Harry and Ron follow the spiders on Hagrid's recommendations but the butterflies and snails are just as friendly!

Harry Potter child dress

- Disguise yourself! Put on your sorcerer's robe and put on make-up to look like Harry, Ron or Hermione!  Pinterest will help you be creative :)

Harry potter makeup

From Pinterest

-Become an artist: many online tutorials explain how to draw your favorite characters

Take inspiration from the article by The Telegraph  and of our Pinterest boards!

Pinterest cover photo

Lavender Cheung

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