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What did we learn from reading Harry Potter? The best to find out is to quote the books of the saga!

Here are three quotes that you can use in your daily life ...

Harry potter quotes quotes

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'Whenever she has any doubts, she goes to the library.' And Hermione, the incomparable well of wisdom, has indeed an excellent reflex: if you have doubts about your favorite quotes or a detail, always come back to the books of the Harry Potter saga!

Harry potter quotes quotes

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"We still lack socks." Dumbledore is right, nothing worse than not finding your favorite pair of socks or, worse, finding only one of them and ending up with mismatched feet! This quote also applies to our favorite house elf, Dobby!

Harry potter quotes quotes

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"Do you want a cup of tea?". Taking example from his attentive and loving mother, Ron takes Harry and Hermione by surprise by offering to make tea to console Hagrid. A cup of tea is always good, especially in front of a Harry Potter movie to cheer up! You can also use this phrase against use in a conversation between friends, guaranteed surprise effect!


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