This fan of Harry Potter has just won a world record

Congratulations to our friend Victoria Maclean!

Victoria Maclean Guinness world record for the Wizarding World

Victoria Maclean has just received confirmation that its collection of 3686 objects relating to the Wizarding World (Harry Potter and fantastic beasts) broke a new Guinness record!

«How do I feel to have this record? This is amazing! This is the best thing, the greatest achievement so far in my life, "said Victoria in an article in the Guinness World Records.

In order to validate this new Guinness record, all of the objects have been carefully counted and taken a picture. Two independent witnesses have confirmed the all.

Victoria Maclean Guinness world record for the Wizarding World

During her pregnancy in 2001, the story of love magic of Victoria began.

She threw a glance at Harry Peter above of Blue Peter, and bought and read the first book two weeks later.

Since then, she has collected every book, every DVD, every toy, every bag, every clothing and every trinket that she can – as well as a multitude of other collectibles.

"Je shall never cease to me to collect as I shouldn't really, I don't smoke, I drink rarely, and this is my vice", she added.

In the framework of the evaluation of the records, all the elements have been evaluated and tested by two independent witnesses, one of whom must be a specialist of the region. Only the official merchandise, have been credited to the sum of Ms. Maclean.

Source: news-24

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

Elle a vraiment de la chance: en tous cas comparée à moi mes parents ne veulent même pas que j’achète quelque chose de Harry Potter même avec mon propre argent de poche…

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