What we know about the future Fantastic animals


Some excerpts and details from the film have been released and it is high time to take stock to see what we know!

 Fantastic animals

From Popsugar

- Norbert has a brother, Thésée, who seems to have a little superior air on the poster and who is in a relationship with a former conquest of his brother, Leta Lestrange. Callum Turner who plays Theseus was recently seen in the adaptation of War and peace  from the BBC in 2016.

 Fantastic animals

To worry

- Claudia Kim plays Maledictus, a young woman victim of a curse that gradually turns her into a monster. If the Internet does not stop trying to guess the type of specific monster, we can already see on the official poster that his legs are covered with blue-green spots probably the first symptoms of bad luck ...

 Fantastic Beasts

De Villains Wiki

- Belief is back! We thought he was dead in the first film, but it seems that he is well and well back!

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