Back to school 2019

Summer is (almost) over which means the arrival of autumn but especially the end of the holidays. But... Does the back-to-school start must necessarily rhyme with depression?

If you're not yet ready to make your big comeback at Hogwarts, here are some items that should cheer you up and put balm in your heart when you return from vacation!

Make sure you read well until the end 😉


Hair accessories

Harry potter hair accessory harry potter hair accessory

Going back to school means going back to Hogwarts with your uniform in which you look like everyone else. Get one of our hair accessory sets to give your hairstyles style and differentiate yourself from others.  

Find the hair accessories here.



ravenclaw sweater  slytherin sweater

With autumn approaching, we can expect temperatures to drop. You'll soon need a sweater to keep you warm. Pre-order your sweater in the colours of your home now and receive it in time for this fall before anyone else!

Check out the new sweaters here.



harry potter puffhead scarf griffondor harry potter scarf

Now available in all Hogwarts homes, this scarf is a must-have. It fits with all styles, pro, school, casual, cosplay ... The only thing that remains unchanged is your level of magic!

Shop your scarf here.


Chocogrenouille mussel

chocogrenouille mould  chocogrenouille mould

"Eat. You'll feel better." Chocolate is well known for cheering people up in general. If you already have the post-holiday blues, returning to Hogwarts might not be easy. Get ready for a few chocofrogs with the new edition of our chocofrog mussels, which you can enjoy as much as you want! 

Buy your chocofrog mould here.


Nimbus 2000 - Quidditch dress

quidditch dress Nimbus 2000

New school year means quidditch's new season. You'll be thrilled to step into the field with your brand new Nimbus 2000! (Not to mention that this is a limited edition).

Check out the Nimbus 2000 here.

Find our quidditch dresses here.



harry potter socks harry potter socks

Socks are always a subtle way to keep your magical identity. Each new set includes 3 pairs of socks bearing the image of your home. A clever and stylish way to proudly wear your colours.

Get your socks here.


Full uniform

Full harry potter outfit

The more involved you are, the more you will want to go far. To get off to a good start, opt for a complete outfit that includes everything you need for your new year at Hogwarts.

Get your full outfit here.


Find all the products of the new year on our website Here


If after going through this list, your return to class is not easier, here's another good news.

Today and until September 8th, a set of 35 tattoos is offered for any order over 100 euros. If your running list is shorter than expected, you can also get the set of tattoos at half price for any order over 75 euros.

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