Today is potion class!

For a few moments, we invite you to return to school and attend a somewhat special potion lesson. Forget the boring and boring class of Professor Rogue, we suggest you spice things up a bit. Welcome to the Potion 2.0 course, taught by Professor Cinereplicas.

Polynectar recipe

Even if you are not Hermione, you will behave like a chef. So we put on our apron and roll up our sleeves to prepare a delicious Polynectar.

The Polynectar is this potion which allows a sorcerer to temporarily take on the appearance of another human being and whose preparation requires 1 month. Rest assured our Polynectar only takes 5 minutes to complete. You will certainly not transform yourself into someone else (although after a few drinks, you never know!) But you will amaze your loved ones and friends for sure.

The advantage of our recipe is that it is cool and good! And nothing simpler to do. All you need is soda (like Sprite, 7-Up) and lemon sorbet (and a little green food coloring if you really want to have a very neon green).

At Cinereplicas, we believe that altruism is a fundamental quality. This is why the quantities are planned to make a Polynectar punch bowl (about 16 people). If you want to do less, just adjust the quantities.

PS: As alcohol is to be consumed in moderation and prohibited at work (even for us), we simply took photos for a drink! But the quantities are good for a punch bowl, be warned!


  • 2 liters lemon flavored soda (Sprite type, 7-Up)
  • ½ liter lime sorbet
  • 20cl vodka (optional)
  • 1 drop green dye


Step 1.

Place the lime sorbet in the container of your choice. Preferably a large punch bowl if you plan to make a large stock of Polynecta


2nd step

Pour the vodka. (You can also make a soft drink, for example for children, by simply removing the vodka from the recipe).

polynectar recipe

Add a drop of green coloring if you want your cocktail to be a very fluorescent color.

Then pour the 2 liters of lemon flavored soda. Attention it will foam and go up very quickly! We advise you to pour soda at the last minute in front of your guests to surprise them. And keep the “sparkling” and “airy” side of the cocktail.

polynectar recipe


It's ready ! We told you it only takes 5 minutes.

Polynectar recipe

If you want you can even use it as decoration, by pouring the mixture into a pretty container and simply adding a label to it for an even more authentic touch. V

You can download our labels here:

The icing on the cake is that your guests can drink directly from it.

All you have to do is toast!

polynectar recipe


Lavender Cheung

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