5 essential Halloween accessories

T-Shirt "Tournoi des 3 Sorciers"

A sporty look and ideal for harvesting lots of candies! Don't let the Dementors scare you and collect all your favorite candies with your champion t-shirt!

T-Shirt "Tournoi des 3 Sorciers"



The essential element for your magic Halloween costume! Both practical to protect you from ghosts like the October rain, this dress will make you a Hogwarts student ready for Halloween!

Harry Potter Halloween Dress

Hair accessories

A simple hairstyle to decorate your costume because Halloween is also synonymous with unique style to stand out from other witches and magicians during this night full of chills!


Halloween Harry Potter hair accessories

Kitchen items

Add more magic to your Halloween party! Your friends will be fans of these delicious cookies or your cakes decorated with cute candles!

Harry Potter Halloween Kitchen Items

Temporary Tattoos

Play with the forces of Evil

Why don't you temporarily tattoo a Dark mark on your arm and become a Death Eater overnight?

Temporary Tattoos Harry Potter


Magic promotion 2 products purchased 1 free * to prepare for Halloween without ruining you!

Harry Potter Halloween Promotion

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung


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